“Without Music, Life would be a Mistake ” – Fedrich Nietzche

Soowon is a professional piano teacher, concert pianist, and accompanist in Sydney region. She specializes in tailored private lessons from enjoyable classes for the young , to recapturing passion in adults.

It is never too late to follow your passion!

Piano is not just about learning notes; it is about expanding your mind, understanding the story behind the music, and expressing your creativity through the keys.

Regardless of your level, Soowon will use this philosophy to guide you in expanding your musicality and appreciation for music through tailored one-on-one lessons.

With a Bachelor of Music from Seoul and a Master of Music from Northwestern University in Chicago, Soowon has over 15 years of proven experience in piano lessons for all ages, on-stage performance as well as accompanying.

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Soowon is the fourth piano teacher I have ever had and is unquestionable the best by far. She selects music for me to learn that is a joy to play, pushes me at just the right pace and is a great communicator, imparting many tips that have helped improve my technique immeasurably.
I would highly recommend her.


Soowon teaches with love, care and passion. My daughter is a very good judge of character and she tells me every time after lesson that Soowon is so kind to her and she is enjoying her time with her. I would definitely recommend her any time as she is truly special.


When we met Soowon, we noticed the difference immediately. Being kind but firm, she is amazing with her teaching techniques, and most of all she is enthusiastic about music, which makes a world of difference. Whenever my daughter learns a new piece, Soowon would sit with her and play a duet together, which always brings me to tears.
Music is so beautiful.




I come to you

30 Mins


45 Mins


60 Mins



78a Belmore St, Ryde, 2112

30 Mins


45 Mins


60 Mins


  • In-Home
  • In-Studio

30 Mins


45 Mins


60 Mins


30 Mins


45 Mins


60 Mins


  • Lessons run parallel to public school days.
  • Studio is located at 78a Belmore st, Ryde, 2112.
  • 30 mins – Recommended for Beginner students.
  • 45 mins – Recommended for Beginner or Intermediate students.
  • 60 mins – Recommended for Intermediate, Advanced or Grade students.